Blood Blade Karin Support Model Brinus Eda Challenger Dominiel Fallen Cecilia Amid Lidica: Bride of Roses Bellona Cermia: Beachside Merrymaker Flan Senya Lionheart Cermia Specter Tenebria: Dark Tyrant Spirit Eye Celine Top Model Luluca Solitaria of the Snow Mercedes Sylvan Sage Vivian Faithless Lidica Karin: Shore Patrol Apocalypse Ravi Seaside Bellona Tenebria: Phantom Schoolgirl Aria Tenebria Yufine Cecilia: Black-Winged Succubus Landy Ilynav Operator Sigret Yufine: Adorable Flower Bud Celine Hwayoung Luna Lua Vivian: Villainess Mercedes: Fluffy Lady Penelope Diene: Magical Girl Pirate Captain Flan Yoonryoung Fairytale Tenebria Peira Kise Conqueror Lilias Summertime Iseria Apocalypse Ravi: Avatar of Bloodlust Luluca Politis Judge Kise: Heir of Holy Light Luluca: Lovely Patissiere Moon Bunny Dominiel Camilla Belian Assassin Coli Holiday Yufine Serila Roana Karin Cermia Judge Kise Briar Witch Iseria Fallen Cecilia: Snow White Warmth Lone Crescent Bellona
Blood Blade Karin Support Model Brinus Eda Challenger Dominiel

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