CUAMS Anime of the Year 2018

The Rules

The Contest

This contest aims to find which anime of 2018 was CUAMS' favourite.


Any anime that aired, at least partially, and finished in 2018 is eligible. Hence, any show that aired entirely in 2018 is okay as is a 2 (or more) cour show that had at least one of its cours in 2018 like Magus' Bride or March Comes in Like a Lion S2. However, shows like SAO: Alicization are still ongoing so aren't eligible since it would be unfair to compare them to shows which have had their conclusion.

Entries are restricted to TV (or TV like) series as it is hard to compare a TV show to a movie, for example. The show doesn't have to have aired on TV so a series of OVAs (shorter or longer than 24 mins each) would probably be fine too.

You're free to nominate as many eligible shows as you'd like but please include a picture from AniList / MAL / etc. to make the contest look nicer.

Nominations will be open for 2 days until the 3rd January at 9pm when the voting will begin.


You can vote once per day in each round to see your favourite shows from 2018 advance. Voting will begin with an elimination round to seed the shows by popularity (using a random number generator to split ties) and fit the number of entrants to a power of 2.


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